Screen Saver And Power Management

This document is a prerequisite to defragmenting your hard disk drive.


Right-click on the background of the desktop.

Click “Properties”

This window will appear.

Click the “Screen Saver” tab.

Click the down arrow under “Screensaver”

Click “None”


If you are about to defragment your hard dive, then you may need to adjust the power management settings.  If you are not about to defragment your hard drive you may skip the rest of this tutorial.

To change the power settings on your computer click on “Power…”

This window will appear.


You may wish to write down these settings if you wish to change them back 
after you have finished defragmenting your disk.


Under “Power schemes” click the down arrow.

Click on “Always On’


Now, make sure all settings are set to “Never”.

If one or more is not set to “Never”, click the down arrow for that setting.

Click “Never”

When all settings are set to “Never”, click “Apply”

Click “Apply” on the Display properties window.

Click “Ok”






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