Uninstalling Programs

This tutorial will explain how to remove (uninstall) programs you do not want/need any more.


First, you must identify which programs you do not want/need any more.

Click “Start”

 Click “All Programs”

Take a look at all the programs listed here. Write down the ones you know for sure that you do not need any more.

I will now discuss two methods of removing software from your computer.

The first method is recommended if at all possible. Some programs do not make it so easy to uninstall. I will use the program ICQ as an example for the first method.

Click “Start” again.

Click “All Programs again.

Click on the program folder that you want to remove.

Click the “Uninstall” item.

If the program you want to remove does not have an “Uninstall” item here you will have to use the second method.

When you click the “Uninstall” item you will be taken through the uninstall process.

For the ICQ program, as an example, you would see this window appear first.

Click “Ok” to uninstall the program.

This window appears.

Leave it on “Automatic” and click “Next”

 The program will uninstall.

You may see the progress of the uninstall process in the next window.


When it is done, click “Finish”

 That is all for the first method of removing unnecessary programs.


If there is no “Uninstall” item in the programs menu, then you can uninstall it using the second method.  I will use AOL as an example for this method.

First, click “Start” again


Click on “Control Panel”

Depending on which view Control Panel is set to, you will either have to click “Add or remove programs”

Or you may have to double-click the “Add or remove programs” icon.

Either way will bring up this window.

Click on the program you wish to remove.

Click the “Change/Remove” button.

The program’s uninstall window will come up.


If you do not want to keep any files associated with AOL, uncheck the two check boxes near the bottom of the window.

Click “Next”


The next uninstall window appears.

The program uninstalls.

The next window will appear when it is finished.


Click “Finish”

 At this point, you may be prompted to restart your computer.

If you wish to uninstall more programs, then click “Cancel”

Otherwise, click “Ok” to reboot your computer.

If you clicked “Cancel”, then you may uninstall other programs.

I will give you one more example to go by because every program is different in the way they are uninstalled.

Click on another program you wish to remove.

Click the “Change/Remove” button.


Confirm you want to remove the program by clicking “Yes”


The program will uninstall and may tell you that certain items could not be removed. Usually these are the folders that contained the files for the program.

Click “Ok”

Click “Ok” when this window appears.


When you are done removing all the programs you do not need any more, restart your computer so that all changes are completed.





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