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From the beginning, DryFire stated that all software upgrades would be available FREE of CHARGE if you download them from our web site. In keeping with our promise, this download section allows you to obtain the latest software, documentation, and special documents intended to help you clean up your computer system so it will work better with the DryFire product. Please take a moment to read the accompanying notes.

Software Downloads
Get the latest software for your DryFire system.

Documentation Downloads
Review the latest documentation to help you use and operate your DryFire system.

  Software Downloads

Note:  If you currently have DryFire software loaded on your computer, you will need to Remove it using the Microsoft Windows "Add/Remove Programs" feature located in the Control Panel.

To learn how to use the Microsoft Windows "Add/Remove Programs" feature, click here.

If you want a printable copy in either PDF format or in Microsoft Word, click here.

Please follow this plan.

  • Remove all DryFire programs.
  • Download the four (4) latest programs listed below by clicking on the double down arrow located in the Download column. We suggest you save them to your Desktop so they are easy to locate after the download is complete. These files are all (.exe) files and you may find your inter-net connection will not allow you to download (.exe) files. If you cannot download these files, you can obtain a CD version of the software by calling (1-877-357-1485) and requesting the latest version (there will be a charge of $10.00 to cover the cost of the CD and shipping).
  • Install the Microsoft Libraries from the Desktop by double-clicking on "mslibsinstall.exe" and then clicking on Install. After it installs, click on Cancel to return to the Desktop. You have just installed "DFGRAPH.DLL version 7",
  • Install the DryFire Test Program from the Desktop by double-clicking on "dftestinstall.exe" and then clicking on Install. You have just installed "DFTest version 1.00e",
  • Install the Main DryFire Software from the Desktop by double-clicking on "dryfireinstall.exe" and then clicking on Install. After it installs, click on Cancel to return to the Desktop. You have just installed the "Main DryFire Software version 1.02g",
  • The Course Designer Software is optional. If you chose, install the Course Designer Software from the Desktop by double-clicking on "cdinstall.exe" and then click on Install. You have just installed "Course Designer version 1.00a",


The four (4) current available Software Downloads
Date Released
Microsoft Libraries (version 7)
Mar 16, 2004
DryFire Test Program (version 1.00e)
Nov 6, 2003
Main DryFire Software (version 1.02g)
Nov 1 2004
Course Designer Software (version 1.00a)
Nov 14, 2003

OpenGL Fix
There is a small chance that you may need to run an OpenGL fix on your computer. This is a software fix for those who cannot (for whatever reason) get their video drivers to work with the main DryFire software.

OpenGL Fix Download
Date Released
July 25, 2006


  Documentation Downloads


Note: The below Documents are generally large files containing many images - they may take some time to download into your browser. Most of the files are available in three forms. If you want a printed copy the PDF file is a good chose. If you want a file that is easy to modify you might select the Microsoft Word version even though some of the files are large (up to 5.7 Mb). The quickest way to look at the content of the file is to click the third column, which will use your browser to get the document. If, after you have looked at the content of the document, you may want to go back and download the PDF file and print a copy.

Most of the information is presented in a step-by-step tutorial-style so all shooters (even those with very little computer experience) can get the most out of their DryFire system.

Documents used during the initial Set-Up phase
Date Posted
Download / Access Resource
Software Installation Procedure
The DryFire “Software Installation Procedure” shows you how to load all necessary software.
Initial Setup
This document begins by showing you how to use the "Informational CD-ROM." It continues by taking you step by step through the "Initial Setup Process."
USA Trap Singles / Handicap
This tutrial demonstrates how to load, control, and start the Trap Singles / Handicap Layout.

Physical Trap Layout
This document describes how to setup your room and unit to practice ATA layouts with DryFire.


Date Posted
Download / Access Resource
If the DryFire target laser is very erratic on your shooting wall - close the programs running in the background.
Some programs are loaded automatically when your computer is started. None of these programs are needed by the DryFire Software and should be closed to prevent them from requesting computer time. The DryFire software requires 100% of the computers time to trace the proper target trajectory on your shooting wall. This tutorial will demonstrate some common methods of closing these kinds of programs so DryFire is not competing with them for processor time and computer memory.


Pull/Release Trigger switching
Date Posted
Download / Access Resource
Change from Pull Trigger to Release Trigger
This document demonstrates how to change the red laser box to change from a "Pull" trigger style to operate as a "Release" trigger style.
Change from Release Trigger to Pull Trigger
This document demonstrates how to change the red laser box to change from a "Release" trigger style to operate again as a "Pull" trigger style.


Tips for optimizing your computer for DryFire
Date Posted
Download / Access Resource
Optimizing Virtual Memory (Windows XP only)
This document shows how to adjust your virtual memory.
Uninstalling Unnecessary Programs
Before you defragment your hard disk drive, you should remove any programs you don't use anymore.
Screen Saver / Power Management
This document is supplemental to the Defragmenting document. It describes how to temporarily turn off the screen saver and adjust the Power Management setting for the defragmenting process.
Deleting Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
Before you defragment your hard disk drive, it is generally a good idea to remove as many superfluous files as possible to optimize the defragmentation. This document will show you how to remove the temporary files that get stored on your computer from the internet.
Defragmenting You Hard Disk Drive
In the course of using your computer, files get accessed, added to, or removed. Over a period of time, this causes a fragmentation of the file structure in your computer. This document describes the necessary steps to defragment you hard disk drive.


Miscellaneous Documents
Date Posted
Download / Access Resource
Installing a USB to Serial Port Adapter
Many of the new computers no longer provide 9-pin serial connectors, instead they provide several USB (Universal Serial Bus) port connectors. These documents show two USB to Serial Port Adapters that can be purchased, how to install them, and how to configure them.

Exporting Your Shots to Excel
The new 1.02g version of the software allows you to keep an on-going record of each shot you take with DryFire. This document describes how to export the contents of the file to an Excel Spreadsheet for analysis.
Remove Previous Version of DryFire Software
This tutorial will show you how to remove an older version of the DryFire software before you install a newer version.


Help if you are having trouble connecting to the DryFire unit
Date Posted
Go To Resource
Connection Guide
A guide to connecting your simulator to your PC.


Notes About the Downloads:

Each resource is available in three formats for your convenience. The symbols below show an explanation of the resource format you can download. You may at any time either view the resource in your browsers window by clicking the left mouse button on it, or download it to your computer by clicking the right mouse button on it and selecting Save Target As.
Adobe Acrobat format. Can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader available here (if not already installed.)
Microsoft Word document. You need Microsoft Word or a program that can read Word formatted documents.
Displays the document in your browser's window, from which you can print it.

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