Canvases & Trap House

As realistic as it gets.

DryFire America sells background canvases and three (3) dimensional Traphouses for the purpose of making things look real. When the DryFire system was originally designed in the United Kingdom in 2000, they did not envision a background on the shooting wall. However, as DryFire America became involved in the product, we found our customers wanted a background that made them feel like they were outdoors shooting targets. In the beginning we sold canvas backgrounds that were hand painted by a local artist. Later we found a supplier who could print a picture quality image on the same canvas material using a computer to drive the printer. Currently we sell the canvases in three (3) different widths.

Width and purpose:

• An individual Trapshooter can shoot all their targets in a room 10 feet wide and 10 feet in depth. Therefore, they generally buy the 10-foot canvas.
• Most Sporting Clay shooter will either choose the 10 or 14 foot canvas depending on their room size.
• Youth programs and Gun Clubs generally use the 14-foot wide canvas if they are going to be shooting trap in squads. In ATA trap, this allows the shooters to stand 12 feet from the shooting wall and provides 29-inch separation between shooters. If they also want to be able to shoot Skeet, they will upgrade to the 18-foot canvas.

• Skeet shooters generally buy the 18-foot canvas as it is ideal for the Skeet layout. Skeet, being a very horizontal sport needs a wide canvas to allow all stations to be practiced by simply moving to a different physical location in the room.

The canvas material is a very heavy durable vinyl. The height of the canvas material is 52 inches. While the printed image is 48 inches, leaving a 2 inch white border on the top and bottom.

Traphouses: We started with one size traphouse and have expanded to three.

• Our 16-yard traphouse is the correct width for shooting 16-yard targets.
• Our 22-yard traphouse is the correct width for handicap shooters who are currently at the mid distances.
• Our 27-yard traphouse is the correct width for those practicing from the 27-yard line.

All the Traphouses are made of Styrofoam and are three-dimensional. By making them 3 dimensional, you get the proper perspective when you are standing on Stations 1 and 5. You are really looking at the corner of the house.