DryFire Squad Pack

Shooting Squad?

DryFire USA sells two basic systems for squadding users.

The Single Head Squad Pack will meet the needs of a shooter who will be shooting single targets.  If later you want to upgrade this product to a Dual Head unit, it can be returned and the second head will be installed.  Whether you buy the second head, at the time of the original purchase, or do it later as an upgrade, the second head will cost you $300.00.

Example: ATA Singles or Handicap, single Skeet targets such as (High 3, High 4, High 5, Low 3, Low 4, Low 5), and many Sporting Clay targets where only one target is launched. 

Dual Head Home Pack will meet the needs of a shooter who wants to be able to shoot singles, on-report doubles, or simultaneous doubles.  If you choose this unit, you will be able to shoot any of the many layouts we provide, including American & Olympic Skeet.

What is included in a Home Pack?  Besides the basic green unit, you will receive the following:

• A Combo Gun Assembly (you specify the gauge of the gun: 12, 20, or 28)
• An 8 foot USB cable to connect your computer to the green DryFire unit
• An AC to DC adapter (plugs into your wall outlet on one end and plugs into the green DryFire box on the other) provides 5-volt power to the servos
• A documentation and software package (contains 15 full color printed documents and the USA Friendly software provided on a CD)

General Information:  The DryFire Home Pack is the basic starter system.  It contains everything an individual shooter will need to get started.  The software, called “USA Friendly” is a single user based product that will accommodate one shooter at a time when shooting targets. However, more than one shooter can use the product. 

Example: John has installed the Gun Assembly on his gun and has been shooting for a period of time.  He has now finished and Jim, his son wants to shoot.  The Gun Assembly will be physically moved from John’s gun to Jim’s gun.  Then, Jim’s shooters information file will be selected in the software, he will align and pattern his gun, and now Jim is ready to shoot.

If two shooters want to eliminate the time it takes to transfer the Gun Assembly from one gun to the other, additional Gun Assembly can be purchased.