A Variety of Layouts

Oh, the choices.

There is a long list of standard layouts provided by DryFire, but don't let this tie you down because it's possible to create your own layout at any time. You will find that DryFire has the perfect setup for your shooting discipline.

Creating your own layouts.

Skeet and trap layouts don't vary - though the background and weather conditions will certainly vary from place to place and from time to time. The location of the stands, the location of the traps, the angles and distances are all defined by official rules (National or Olympic) - the DryFire layouts conform to those rules.

Sporting and FITASC layouts are different at every gun club and they will vary from one competition to another. Gun club owners are able to vary their traps and stands so that they can present an almost infinite variety of different targets. The DryFire software contains a large set of target files that cover all the standard disciplines. However, we recognize it is impossible for DryFire to create every layout every shooter would want. Therefore, we solve this issue by providing a software Add-On product that will allow you to create your own targets.

Course Designer

If the type of target you want to practice is not part of the standard DryFire layouts, you will want to investigate the Course Designer. When you do, you will find it is your answer. It is one of a series of Add-On software tools. This tool was designed to give you the ability to create all the targets you want, but can't find in the standard DryFire targets.