Point of Impact (POI)

Pinpoint your accuracy.

DryFire allows users to specify the Point of Impact for each barrel. Two different POI’s are shown above. The picture on the left shows the first barrel set to 90/10 and the picture on the right shows the second barrel set to 70/30.

In the Shooter’s Information Table, you will have the opportunity to specify the POI by selecting one of two methods. You can select the Percentage method of defining POI and then select a percentage from the drop down table.  The list starts with 35/65 and in 5 percent increments continue through 100/0.

Example: 50/50, 60/40, 90/10

The second method is more specific, you select a sentence into which you enter two variables. The sentence reads, “At ____ yards my gun shoots ____ inches high.”

You will fill in the yardage, by selecting from a drop down table, which allows you to enter a yardage in the range of 20 to 50 yards.

In a similar manner, a second drop down table allows you to state how high or low your gun shoots at the yardage you have specified (the range is from –9 to +40 inches).

Note: When shooting indoors with DryFire it is extremely important that your gun shoots indoors exactly like you know it shoots outdoors.