A Sophisticated Tool

DryFire reveals every shot.

There are two primary reasons why learning to accurately fire a shotgun is very difficult. 

First, when shooting a shotgun you get very little valuable feedback.  In fact, there is no other sport in the world with less feedback. While shooting outdoors, the only information you learn is that you hit or missed the target. When you hit a target you learn that you were within 12 to 15 inches of the target center.  If you miss, you learn you were more than 12 to 15 inches from the target center. Based upon this information, it is hard to make changes because you simply don’t have the facts. Compare this to learning to shoot baskets on a basketball court.  You shoot, you clearly see where the ball went and this gives you the information (facts) you need to help you become more accurate. In basketball, if you couldn’t see where the ball went, think how hard it would be to improve.

Second, in your early learning phases, things are just happening too fast for you to make the necessary corrections (brain overload). DryFire has pioneered something new in shotgunning, practicing in slow motion. We believe there are two times in a shotgunner’s life when slow motion is the answer to his or her problem. A novice shooter can learn much faster by starting his or her training in slow motion. We suggest you begin the learning process at 50% of normal speed and work up to 100%. For the established shooter, slow motion works great on targets you have not mastered. It is much easier to correct problem targets, if you will begin at 50% of normal speed and require very accurate shooting. After achieving your accuracy goal at 50%, move on to 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and finally 100% while maintaining your accuracy goals all the way. By the time you have worked your way to 100% you will be shooting the target accurately.

DryFire accomplishes these learning moments in a room as small as 10 foot by 10 foot, while you are using your own gun equipped with an infrared laser. And because infrared is not visible to the human eye, you won't see the laser on the wall when you pull the trigger. You will connect your computer (Windows operating system) to the DryFire unit via a USB cable. The DryFire unit will be located in front of you and about 4 feet from the shooting wall. Using the DryFire software, you will select the discipline you want to shoot, you will physically stand 8 to 12 feet from the wall, call for a target (voice release standard) and shoot. The target trajectory will be a two dimensional version of the outdoor target you are simulating. The laser dot, which is your target, moves across the wall at the same angular speed as the target you are simulating and will cause you to move your gun just like you would outdoors. You must lead the target exactly as you would outdoors and then pull the trigger. You will hear the sound of a gunshot, and then the orange laser dot on the wall (the target) will either immediately disappear if your hit the target or continue to travel down the trajectory if you missed the target.

At this point we have simulated exactly what you experience outdoors. However, if we stopped here there would be very little advantage of shooting DryFire indoors versus shooting outdoors. But we don’t stop here; we go on to give you a visual picture (on your computer monitor) of the exact relationship between your shot-cloud and the clay target. Then, in an information window, we give you the Pointing Error, which is the exact distance from the center of the clay to the center of your shot-cloud in tenths of an inch (example: 8.4 inches). In the information window you will also see in tenths of an inch, how far above or below the target you were and how far to the left or right of the target. We also give you the distance from the muzzle of your gun to the target at the moment the pellets are closest to the target. And finally, how long the target was in the air in hundredth of a second.

Note: If your computer monitor is not large enough for you to clearly see the information from your shooting location, we suggest you place a large flat screen TV somewhere in front of you and connect it to your computer with an HDMI cable. This is a simple and yet inexpensive solution.

The visible target laser is moved by two servos connect to a movable head (one controls the horizontal movement and the other the vertical movement). The location of your gun at the moment you pulled the trigger will be seen by a digital camera. Once DryFire knows the exact location of your gun at the moment you pulled the trigger, the calculation process can begin and will determine if you hit or missed the target. If the target was hit, the laser will be turned off. If it was missed, the laser continues to move across the wall. Next, a picture of the relationship between the shot cloud and the clay target is displayed on your computer screen. The Pointing Error and other important facts will also be displayed on the computer monitor.

That’s it in a nutshell. DryFire is a very sophisticated training tool. It is a lot of fun but it isn’t a game. Far from it, it has been on the market since the year 2000 and therefore, we have had years to tweak and change the product. You will very likely find that anything you might want it to do, will already be part of the basic product, or if not part of the basic product there will be an Add-On piece of software that will give you the features you want. We would like to stress we have multiple thousands of satisfied customers in North American and around the world. We really don't have a competitor in our price range. There are some games out there, at a lower price, pretending to make you a better shooter, but they aren’t effective. And, there is one product at the $40,000.00 price range, that gets the job done, but very few shooters find it a viable solution.

Our guarantee is: If after six (6) months of using DryFire you could call and say, “I am no better shooter now than when I began shooting DryFire” or you can say “my scores are not higher”, DryFire will refund every penny of your original investment.