Bob's story began in August of 2001 when he purchased a DryFire system from the inventors of the product (DryFire England). An ad in a shotgunning magazine had made him aware of the product. He commented at the time, "If the ad is accurate, this is a revolutionary product."

After a week of using the system, Bob was impressed. The system actually worked much better than he had expected. He is the owner of an electronics manufacturing company and he became very interested in manufacturing the product in the USA. Because of this interest, he took a trip to England to see the DryFire operation and talk with the inventor, Mike Lake. As a result of their meeting, Bob decided to put the manufacturing plan on the back burner and put his efforts into selling DryFire in the state of Texas.

DryFire proved to be a difficult product to demonstrate because the system is very sensitive to a certain frequency of light referred to as "infrared light." Normal outdoor light and some types of indoor light contain this infrared light frequency in abundance. Therefore, it is necessary to demonstrate the product in an controlled indoor environment. All outside light must be prevented from entering the shooting room and the preferred indoor light is the fluorescent tube.

Bob had decided he wanted to show the product at the Southwestern Grand in San Antonio, Texas in April of 2002. He tried to secure an indoor location, but nothing was available. He tried to get a 20 foot trailer moved in as his venue, but the cost was prohibitive. Finally, in desperation he settled for the back of a bright Yellow Ryder truck (about 8 x 20 foot). It turned out to be a very unfriendly environment, but it was a way of getting started and he learned how shooters would react to this new technology. In four days of showing the product one unit was sold, not a great beginning, but the product had been launched.

Bob had hoped he could take the product to the Grand American in August, but securing a venue didn't look good. And then at the last minute, through the help of an East Coast Trapshooting coach, Bob secured a suitable venue from Hal duPont. Bob and his son Tom arrived at the Grand not knowing quite what to expect. In a 15 x 30 foot room, with seven (7) chairs set in front of a shooting wall, Bob began his hourly demonstrations. Within a couple of days the operation had expanded to thirty (30) chairs and we were receiving lots of support and encouragement from Hal duPont (our landlord, neighbor, and friend). Bob's son Tom spent most of his time gathering equipment as the operation grew on a daily basis.

After about four (4) days we began to experience the sales we had hoped for. After ten (10) consecutive days of presenting the DryFire product we closed our doors with eighty-six (86) requests to purchase. Yes, DryFire England had run out of product and all we could do was take orders. It was one (1) month before any units arrived in Texas. Because of the delay in delivery, we did loose some of the sales, but the overall experience was fun and profitable. A short time after the Grand Bob was appointed DryFire's National Distributor for the U.S. and Canada.

We have been back to the Grand three (3) times since that first experience and each time the atmosphere was a little different. We knew from the beginning that this revolutionary product would not immediately be accepted by some of the shooters. We know we are over the hump because the attitude of shooters is now very friendly and they are sincerely interested in the product. Because of this change, Bob spends much of his time answering questions from shooters who have heard about the product and now want to learn more.

Some of you have asked about the nickname, "DryFire Bob." This nickname was given him by many of the shooters first Grand DryFire attended in 2002.

If you asked DryFire Bob what he thinks about the product you may get a long answer as he is very enthusiastic about DryFire. He can go on for hours if you will let him however, there isn't much he doesn't know about DryFire and how it relates to improving your shooting. So when you meet him don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. If you asked him to summarize the DryFire product he would point to the DryFire Guarantee.

The DryFire Guarantee: If after six (6) months of use, you can call and say,

"DryFire has not improved my shotgunning skills or my scores," we will buy back the system for the same amount you paid.