No Time To Waste

"I love my DryFire shooting simulator. My only regret is that I didn't purchase my DryFire several months ago when I first learned of it." - Bill Penn, Mississippi


Perfect Scores.

"I am very happy to inform you that I got my first perfect 25 score at 16 yards ATA today. Since I bought DryFire, I have been training on it almost everyday. I think it is truly the Link machine for ATA and I will also begin using it to train with skeet and Olympic trap. I have got my money’s worth many times over. Thank you." - Peter Ho



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Download Video: MP4, WebM, Ogg


Alan Purdy, Washington

“Since my twelve year old son began using DryFire, he has improved his focus and mental game without the cost and recoil. The problem was he really could not practice for several months because of our winters, thus, DryFire. In the last month he has gotten his first 24/24 in skeet doubles and 25/25 in handicap trap, skeet, and 16 yard trap!!! He is able to practice in shorter time intervals -- instead of 3 hours for sporting clays or 2 hours for driving to the gun range and all without the recoil or cost of shells, targets, and gas!!! DryFire has, and will continue to be, a significant benefit to his goal of being one of the best young shooters in the country and possibly an olympic berth. The customer service of this system is the best we have ever seen!! Thank you!”


Paul Thompson, Colorado

“I bought my DryFire last year at the World Skeet Shoot in San Antonio. At the time I was not even in the running at any of the big shoots.This year, after practicing with DryFire, I have won 6 of 12 doubles events. I just finished the Colorado State Skeet Championships and I am the Colorado State Doubles Champ. DryFire works.”

6 MONTHS LATER... “Good news, I was selected for the 1st Team Retired Military All-American Team. DryFire is an amazing training tool and I am finding new ways to use it...With DryFire the feedback is immediate and you can build muscle memory by shooting hundreds of targets in a very short time every day. DryFire is an amazing tool!”


Paul Piaia, Wyoming

"Thanks for everything from your product to your support. I started shooting trap 2 months ago and ordered DryFire 3 week ago. After using DryFire for 2 weeks I was able to shoot 25 straight in real trap shooting. This may sound a little extreme but I practice with my DryFire every day for about 1 hour and I would give up food before I would part with my DryFire. I am a pharmacist and like to shoot some perfect rounds every day before and after work. This is a great stress reliever. Bob you are a wonderful person and I thank God on a regular basis for people like you and the product that you support."


Alireza Aliabadi

"It is 1:30am and I can call it one of the best nights in my life... I set up the DryFire and started shooting. I used the acoustic system and that was the actual game! I could center targets one after another. In general, I love it. Now I can aim for 100 straight and I am quite excited about it. Thank you very much."


Tom Link, Alberta, Canada

"After only one week, my scores on our local Sporting Clays Course went up 12 hits.  I’m only a year into shooting clays….had to shift to the left side as I am REALLY left eye dominant, therefore I have been learning to shoot off my opposite side this past year.  I have always pre-mounted my gun and felt very robotic/stiff, which my friends can attest to.

DryFire has allowed me to practice a 1000 mounts/shots with “gun down” before going shooting this past Sunday.  I pre-mounted as usual and went 0 for 14 on the first two stations.  My friends were wondering why I was so bad.  Then on station 3, I went gun down for the rest of the round and started hitting almost everything…It’s taught me about relaxed gun swing just in one week.  About half way through the round, my Buddies were wondering what the heck was going on….so I had to come clean and tell them about the DryFire.  It was not just a marginal improvement after a week, but a huge improvement….just not in score but noticeably in technique as well….confidence obviously is a few notches higher as well.

My two young boys love it as well and I’m sure the 3 of us are going to have a great time using it as a teaching/practicing aid."