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1 Introduction to Dr Jones and his book 5007
Dr Jones has done some remarkable work regarding shotgun patterns. This video will introduce you to his work, how to get his book, and it will set the stage for watching the following five (5) videos that relate to his work.
1A Java and the Shotgun-Insight website 5012
When you try to use the programs on the Shotgun-Insight website, there is a good chance you will run into a security issue. It is necessary to go to the Java Control Panel and enter into the security exception window. Then, when you go to the Shotgun-Insight website, Java will not respond with a Security issue, and you will be able to use any of the capabilities on the Shotgun-Insight website.
2 Level 1 Pattern Optimiser 5001
This is the first in a series of three video clips that are intended to help you learn how to use this free software tool. Our hope is you clearly learn the limited range of a shotgun. In this three video series, you will learn and understand why 100% of the targets you shoot at beyond 33 yards can't be broken, even if your pointing accuracy is perfect.
3 Level 2 Pattern Optimiser 5002
This is the second in the Pattern Optimiser series - it will pick up from the Level 1 video and carry your understanding a little bit farther.
4 Level 3 Pattern Optimiser 5006
This is the third and final video in the Pattern Optimiser series. By the time you have finished this video you will understand why the 100% break zone is much shorter than you would have guessed. Once you understand where the 100% break zone ends, you may find it will cause you to make some very signicant changes in your shooting approach.
5 Shooting the Patterning Board 5003A
The second very important thing Dr Jones has done for all of us, is to provide a free software tool that will allow us to pattern our gun based upon every pellet. To use this tool you must learn how to shoot at a piece of white paper or cardboard, take a digital picture of the pellet pattern and then input the digital picture into Dr Jones program. This video shows you a practical way to shoot a white piece of cardboard and then take the picture.
6 Using the Pattern Analyzer 5004
This video will teach you how to use the free Pattern Analyzer tool. With this tool you will learn exactly where the center of your pattern is in relationship to your aiming point. It will also tell you the efficiency of your choke.
7 Understanding the value of Slow-Motion 5005
In this video, we cover a subject you have never heard about in the shotgunning world (unless you have heard it from DryFire USA). The video explains how we developed the slow-motion technique and how it pertains to shotgunning in general. We also discuss the learning process as it applies to "Skill Acquisition." When learning a skill, the object is to pass information from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. We explain why slow-motion is a benefit when learning a sport that requires actions that are faster than the conscious mind can handle. According to experts, the subconscious mind can operate 100 to 300 times faster than the conscious mind. In the end, you must learn to shoot out of your subconscious mind, but in the beginning you will be training, using your conscious mind (this works best in slow-motion).
8 Creating a Practice Plan (Ninety Plus) 4027
In this video you will learn what it takes in equipment and skills to break 100% of ATA Trap targets. You will also be introduced to the Trap Exercises Add-On software and how to create your own training plans. We will go step by step through how DryFire USA developed the Ninety-Plus program. By the time you have watch this entire video we hope you will be inspired to develop a serious training plan.
9 Eye Dominance Test 5011
In this short video we will show you one of the best ways to test your eye dominance, and you don't need the help of anyone. But, you will need a camera (movie, still, or phone).
10 The Trajectory Experiment 8012
This video shows a method of determining how long it takes a clay target to travel from the Skeet High House to the Cross-Over Stake (in hundredths of a second). Then an indoor simulated DryFire target is launched so we can measure how long the DryFire target takes to travel from the High House to the Cross-Over Stake. Conclusion: DryFire, indoors perfectly simulates the real outdoor target.