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Version 3
Video Title
Video #
1 Configuration Settings - Functions 3101
This is the first in a series of four (4) video clips that explain in detail all aspects of the Configuration Setting Screen.
2 Configuration Settings - Dimensions 3102
The second clip in this series covers the Dimensional settings.
3 Configuration Settings - Program 3103
The third clip in this series covers the Program options.
4 Configuration Settings - Controls 3104
The fourth and final clip in this series covers the Controls.
5 Shooter's Information Table Details 3105
The Shooter's Information is very important. In this video we explain every detail that is required.
6 Introduction to Aligning Your Gun 3106
And explanation of why it is necessary to Align your gun. It will make sense and then it won't seem like a big task when you do it just before you begin shooting.
7 Shooting the Alignment Shot 3129
Actually taking an alignment shot using a tripod to help remain steady.
8 New Patterning Board Introduction 3107
In this Introduction, we wanted to stress the importance of using the Patterning Board.
9 New Patterning Board Features 3108
Explaining how to read the Point of Impact.
10 Using the Patterning Board 3109
Watching while a shot is taken at the Patterning Board.
11 Patterning Board Results 3110
Shooting the Patterning Board and looking at the results.
12 Pattern Board Summary 3111
Summary of the Patterning Board process.
13 ATA Fixed: Introduction 3112
Explaining how to use the ATA Fixed layout.
14 USA Single Trap 16 yards Introduction 3113
A verbal description of what the USA Single trap layout will do.
15 USA Single Trap Station 5 Introduction 3114
Explaining the targets that will be shot from Station 5.
16 USA Single Trap Station 5 Setup 3115
Explaining the proper way to get the DryFire system setup to throw Station 5 ATA targets.
17 USA Single Trap, 3 shots from Station 5 with review 3116
Watch three shots taken and then see the results as it is described.
18 Shooting a round with Replay Review 3117
Demonstrating the use of the Replay feature. You will find that with the Replay turned on, you will be able to go back a visually look at the shots you have taken.
19 Handicap Introduction 3118
An introduction to how DryFire allows you to shoot handicap targets (18-27) from the same place in the room. You aren't required to stand farther from the wall.
20 Handicap Computer Setup 3119
Setting up your computer for Handicap targets.
21 Shooting Handicap from Station 4 3120
Shooting ten (10) Handicap targets from Station 4.
22 Handicap Review of Station 4 3121
Using Replay, we are looking at five (5) of the ten (10) target we just shoot in the previous video clip.
23 Clay in Pattern, but called a Miss 3122
This video will explain to you how it is possible to have the clay shown in the shot cloud and yet it is called a MISS. A target that is out of range in terms of pellet hits and energy imparted.
24 Changing the Clay Breaking Energy 3123
A way to change how much energy is required to break a target.
25 Saving and Restore 3124
A new feature that will allow you to protect yourself from a crash. By using this method, you will have an easy way of reloading your software and then restoring it.
26 Creating and changing Chokes 3125
An explanation of how to "Create a New Choke" or "Modify a Current Choke."
27 What makes a Clay Fly 3126
The sixteen (16) parameters that describe the flight of a clay.
28 Camera Exposure 3127
Gaining an understanding of what the camera sees and how to set the "Camera Exposure."
29 Voice Release Sensitivity 3128
The Voice Release Sensitivity setting can be a little tricky to set. By giving you an in depth understanding of what is going on in the circuit we hope it will be easier for you to set properly.
30 Change from Dual head to Single head operation 3001
If the primary head has become jerky (servo going bad) you can use the system as a single head unit by making a change in a file. This will allow you to use the unit as a single head system until it is more convenient for you to return the unit for repair.
31 USB driver or Spark dongle driver 3002
If you are having trouble getting either the USB or Spark Dongle driver loaded properly, this video will help you solve your problem.
32 Test (USB and Dongle Drivers) 3010
Learn how to test to see if your USB driver or your Dongle driver are loaded and operational.
33 Setting up a timeline 3004A
Learning to shoot ATA Trap target at the right time is important. This video will teach you how to put a timeline on the wall to help you master shooting at the right time.
34 Be Prepared 3006
Learn how to setup your DryFire software to prevent loosing any of the unique data you have entered.
35 Mounting the Trigger Switch Gun 3007A
Learn how to install the Trigger Switch Gun Assembly on your gun.
36 Alignment and Patterning Board 3008
A look at the relationship between the Alignment process and the Patterning Board process.
37 General Exercises 3700
A look at the purpose of ATA Trap Exercises.
38 Acoustic Red Box operation 3701
Get an understanding of how the Acoustic Red Box allows you to cock your gun and pull the trigger.
39 Use Right Head only 3130
If your Left (number 1) head is not functioning properly and you do not yet want to return the unit for repair, watch this video to learn how to use only the Right (number 2) head to throw the targets.